March 2022 | Annabel Wykamp Exhibition

Growing up in a small country town in NSW, my life involved travel. Travelling through the countryside moving cattle, travelling for sport, travelling to the big smoke. I spent many years travelling an hour to and from for work. What made it enjoyable for me was the countryside. My late Pop had the same passion, a love of a good landscape. He would point out a bird up in the sky or something pretty in the distance. I love the small things, when the light hits a certain spot on a hill and it looks magical or how a row of Poplar trees look like they have been perfectly pruned.

The Australian country side is truly beautiful and forever changing. Each season brings something new, the dry Summer days with sunburnt land, the changing colours of the leaves, the frosty spider webs glistening on the fences and that new growth, new flowers and Canola filled paddocks in Spring. This is why landscapes are magical to paint.

My painting situation is not your typical! We are currently living in a small house we have renovated and in the middle of a new build, life is crazy. I paint in my dining room with my husband and two young children buzzing around (5yo and 2yo), but this is what I love and this is what works!! It might be five minutes here and there or getting lost for hours when the kids go to sleep. I think a little studio is in order for the new house!

I have loved creating these pieces and I hope you love them too.

All exhibition pieces will be available from 6 March 2022 at 4:00pm online or instore at The Toowoomba Gallery. 

All pieces can be viewed in the catalogue here.