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Cecelia Krieg

My life as an artist has been a long one, as it started formally when I was 8 with a great teacher who gave us all wonderful encouragement and guidance with our art. I was so fortunate to have Betty Churcher, former Director of The National Art Gallery, Canberra, as my teacher at High School and finished with an A for Year 12. My creativity was nourished over the years by some wonderful people, so my art was always bubbling away under the surface of farm life, babies, then children with their activities and competitive horse events.

 Throughout these years I entered Art Shows and Competitions with success slowly building. At this stage I painted mostly Watercolours, as I could paint a few washes, then rush off to pick up a man from a tractor, or do reading roster at the school, without wasting a pallet of paint that would dry and harden before I could get back to it. Watercolours became my medium for its immediacy.

Now, with more freedom, I can do Oils and Acrylics and explore these other mediums to express my ideas. I have studied constantly over the years and now impart that knowledge every Wednesday at Adult Art Classes held at the Pittsworth Art Gallery among a great group of fellow artists.

I explore all subjects and differing genre to present my ideas in an artistic fashion, using many mediums and techniques. I am still enjoying my creativity and hope to continue my art journey into the future.


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