Margaret Delahunty Spencer

Margaret is an artist who specializes in abstract works on linen, with a focus on capturing the essence of "the gesture". She employs oils, acrylics, and charcoal.

Margaret's sources of inspiration are diverse, but she has recently turned her attention to the microscopic world found in the waterways and nature that surround us, as well as the sounds and conversations of birds. She also draws inspiration from spending time with friends, the changing seasons, and the impact of COVID-19 on her life, which has led her to explore themes of home life, empty nesting, and relationships in her recent works.

In addition to her painting, Margaret has also ventured into working with different mediums and creating clay pots that complement her artistic vision. She has a background in Fine Art and has both practiced and taught in this field, as well as exploring fashion design. Margaret is based in Ballarat and also has a studio located in Breamlea.


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