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Sonica Joshi-Mann

Sonica, an art admirer and a passionate creator has a special interest in abstract expressionism and textured abstract art. 

Her goal is to create affordable quality art which is soul touching and easy on pocket!

Exploring abstract art in terms of form, layers, texture and shape is what excites Sonica the most. This form clearly depicts her innermost feelings and emotions. Bright, bold, metallic and vibrant colors are an integral part of her work.

Most of her works are inspired by nature and travel! Traveling, hiking, working in her garden and meditating in nature brings endless creativity to her style of work.

Australian with Indian heritage, Sonica’s journey of learning to paint began when she was 6, her mum, after noticing the zeal to draw, color and paint, organized arts lessons for her. These lessons remained part of her growing up for a very long time.

Later on, she went on to study Ayurvedic medicine and surgery which has holistic approach to health care( Indian system of medicine) and treatment of diseases & then completed post graduation in Hospital Management. She trained herself in yoga and natural therapy. She worked for over two decades in the areas of health services, business development and delivered  federal contracts.

Her education, training and work have played a significant role in her beautiful journey and have paved path towards deeper understanding, realizations and establishing beliefs.

Art and creativity have always been significant part of her life and had  a special place in her heart. She spent a lot of time  working on her skills, attending workshops and webinars, learning  and exploring various media.

To complement her passion for art, she completed Diploma in interior design, which helped in enhancing practical understanding of various interior settings and placement of her art.

She is based in Ballarat, where she creates paintings in her peaceful home studio. She is very grateful for the opportunities coming her way.

Mum of two, health and wellbeing enthusiast, nature admirer, she strongly believes that mind and matter are connected.

She loves what she is creating and if it can bring joy to others, it will be a fulfilling experience for her❤️


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