Ingrid Haughton

A connection with creativity has been present since I was little, mainly in the form of drawing and singing. More recent years have seen painting become a big part of my life and a beautiful expression of my fascination with nature, memory and nostalgia. Creating these pieces is a way of telling stories with colours, layers and marks and expressing an emotional connection to a time and a place. The process from start to finish is often an emotional one and when I feel that, I know I'm on the right track.

I spend my time working in a studio garage, occasionally with a toddler or two and each session starting with my guitar. I'm sure that this started as procrastination at its finest but no less an important routine for me now, and eases me into many hours of painting.

 While the Northern Beaches of Sydney is home, a chunk of my heart is in the bush and this contradiction is no more evident than in my paintings. Subject matters appear ever changing as there is just way too much to explore.