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Liesel Edis

All my life I’ve been drawn to and intrigued by the water. My interest began as a scuba diver of many years. However, my passion for underwater fine art photography blossomed when I had the opportunity to photograph the majestic humpback whales of Tonga.  This is where my passion fo the water and my fine art photography collided.  

I feel that when I am underwater with a model and challenging the boundaries of photography I can utilise weightlessness to create a story which explores the depth of fluid movement and composition.  Underwater is an extraordinary place to lure the audience, down under the surface where the magic unfolds through the elegance and movement of the human body in a suspended dance. 

The freedom of being weightless in the water and moving effortlessly to create beautiful, suspended images is something to be experience, cherished and shared.  I invite you to come and join me in my magical underwater imagery. 


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