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Tanya McAllan

Tanya McAllan artist - where art and the environment meet.

Tanya rotates between still-life paintings of snippets of the Australian bush, sweeping country landscapes to the brilliant tones of her much beloved local seascapes. Living in Freshwater and volunteering for Bushcare on the local headland means that inspiration is part of the everyday. With a love of the earth her ëtread lightlyí ethos involves sourcing her art surfaces, venetian blinds for framing and as many art materials as possible from local verge cleanups. She uses a loose method of combining colour and bold brush strokes to delicately capture the places she loves. Not trying to replicate what is in from of her, Tanya suggests its beauty with as few brush strokes as possible, treading as lightly on the canvas as she does on the planet. Tanya has won numerous awards in recent years, rewarding her years of sketching whilst working as a graphic designer.


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Tanya McAllan - Wise
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