Anjana Rai

Anjana is a Sydney based palette knife artist. Being a nature lover, Anjana Rai’s art pays appreciation to the organic world of florals and landscapes. Exploring these subjects in tones and textures, her work illuminates the diversity, integrity and complexity of the natural environment. While majority of her pieces begin as remembered scenes, sights and scapes, her imagination eagerly offers its own insertion, resulting in highly personalised, deeply sincere depictions of nature.

 Employing the impasto technique, allows Anjana Rai to create dimensional, tactile works. This approach ensures an element of free-form and steers away from rigid fixation on fine details. With the utilisation of a palette knife to execute the style, and minimal to no brushwork applied, pieces venture into abstract terrain and become intricately messy by consequence. Brilliantly vibrant colours are equally married together and interspersed at intervals on the canvas, adding depth and scope, whilst showcasing nature’s unyielding expansiveness.

With the incorporation of layered textures, Anjana Rai’s landscapes take on an expanded degree of dimension and form, as the tactile condition of the environment is collectively highlighted and celebrated. As a result, her work offers audiences a greater level of sensory appeal which, in turn, allows viewers to connect on a more deeply spiritual level, or be triggered or kindled by visual memory.

 Anjana’s art can be found in private collections in Australia and India.