Monique Correy

Experiencing breast cancer in my late 20s motivated me to leave my corporate job and finally pursue the calling I felt as an artist. If cancer taught me anything, it’s to let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are. I think I surprised myself as much as my friends when I shared this part of me with the world.

Referencing the techniques of impressionism, I use wide, gestural brushstrokes in acrylic and oil to capture candid moments in time. Finishing with finer details and a washed-out background, I add both intimacy and focus to my subject. Inspired by photography both new and old, I want my cast of colourful characters to encourage self-acceptance and individuality in the viewer.

After my first group show at the Grammar Art Show in 2021, I have held several solo exhibitions in Toowoomba with more planned throughout 2022.