Rachael Little

It’s all about colour and flower therapy for me!
I have a lovely connection to my garden. I’m in and out often and can look back through floor to ceiling windows at what I’m painting while pottering in my natural space.
I studied visual arts over thirty years ago. My art practice moved to working and teaching in ceramics studios.
My love for foliage and flowers continued and I moved into florist mode for 10years .
Happily I’ve been back painting for the past four years. 
I paint floral abstracts because I love building layers of illuminated acrylic colours
The vessels are gently textured and layered with shades of colour poking through.
 Flowers’s are my splashes of fun and colour and that’s where I get to play. My flowers are on the quirky side of things. You’re kind of left guessing what sort of flowers they might be.

I’m painting intuitively, using loose brush strokes , scratchings and the feeling from colours.