Llael McDonald

A professional artist of 28 years, Llael’s work can be described as moody and nostalgic. Delving into the familiar and bringing forward the ordinary to be viewed with emotional and visual elevation. Llael's early influences were Jeffrey Smart and Edward Hopper and in later years as her work evolved into what we see today, Llael cites the Flemish masters and Pre Raphaelites as a major influence on her work. Llael has sold her work into private and corporate collections in New York, France, UK and Australia. She now has a studio in the Victorian highlands where she continues her painting practices, Llael grew up in the inner-city Melbourne suburb of Spotswood and showed an early propensity for the visual arts, particularly painting, which set her on the path as a professional artist at a young age. In her tertiary years Llael attended ICAD (independent college of Art and Design) situated in the creative and high energy hub of Chapel Street. She studied painting under artist Terri Matassonni and graduated with one of the top portfolios in 1997. She has been a finalist in Lethbridge small scale art prise, Bluethumb art prize, has been featured in Artist palette magazine and her work has appeared the prestigious Miami Basel, the Melbourne International Art Fair, Sydney Affordable Art Fair, the UFFK Manhattan New York as well and several galleries around Australia.