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About Us



Bec and Niki

Bec and Niki met in Amsterdam in 2018 on an agricultural technology tour. Whilst taking in the wonders of floating dairy farms and the largest flower markets in the world, they realised their shared love for art and interiors. Niki was battling the time zones to secure a painting in Australia that was released at 2am and Bec was happily giving her advice as well as suggesting new artists to look at (much to her husband's chagrin).

Returning to Toowoomba, Bec and Niki continued to share and chat about new and special artists they discovered and the interiors and houses that inspired them. Despite being on thoroughly different career paths, they both recognised a rare kindred spirit in the other, particularly in their decorating styles and love of artists from all genres. At a chance catchup in the Toowoomba botanical gardens, Bec and Niki realised they wanted to bring their passion alive and share it with their local community and beyond. And so The Toowoomba Gallery began, opening its doors on August 1, 2021.