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Jaimia Ollington

Jaimia Ollington (b.1986) is a self-taught artist, working from her
home in Mount Samson, Queensland. Jaimia spent her childhood
on the land and so began her love of the Australian landscape. She
began painting earnestly in 2020 after finding herself at home with
her young children and looking for a new outlet for her creativity.
Taking inspiration from her everyday Jaimia’s paintings feature
classic Australian landscapes or items found in her daily rhythms
such as coffee cups and garden flowers. She uses thick oil paint to
create her paintings, choosing colours and form that value the
emotional truth of the subject over exact realism. Jaimia finds great
joy in creating and hopes to share this joy with others by painting
her everyday life in an authentic, true and beautiful form and in
doing so rekindling a memory of yours.


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