Eliza Koch

Eliza Koch is mother to two young boys, part time ESD consultant and Artist. Eliza resides in Adelaide, South Australia, where she paints from her home studio. 

Eliza has always enjoyed creating, painting and drawing have been her favourite things to do since she was a child. She studied art throughout high school and has enjoyed painting as a hobby ever since. After taking a break while her children were very young, Eliza has recently started painting regularly again. She paints with acrylic on canvas mostly, but also enjoys water colour and water colour pencils on paper. 

Eliza loves to paint beautiful and aesthetically appealing everyday items. She is inspired by bright colours, patterns, beautiful homes and gardens. Eliza is drawn to the genre of still life as she can combine all of these elements. Most of Eliza’s paintings include something home grown, as she loves to teach her children  about sustainability in their garden.