Sophie Perez

Sophie Perez, née Ruderman is a British born artist who graduated from the Royal College of Art in London in 2003 with an MA in Painting.

In 2005 Sophie relocated to Melbourne Australia and now resides on the Mornington Peninsula with her family; drawing inspiration from the surroundings & everyday life.

Paint is Sophie's favourite medium, she loves the continual learning of what can be achieved with paint. Seeing the landscapes endless possibilities through colour and texture. Seeking new compositions of shapes and light within the landscapes.

Everyday environments inform her work, living in various locations directly inspired her practise, looking for ways to portray what's around; Seeing it for the first time yet evoking a distant memory of something past. 

Sophie’s new studio is located at 65 Bentons Road, Mornington VIC.

Look out for her opens studio days where you can meet Sophie, chat about her works and have a cup of tea!