Parita Thakkar

Parita is a self taught artist. As a child she always was drawn to art and making it, but growing up in an Indian family she was not allowed to pursue it, as “art cannot be a career”. Years later in 2020, at age 32 after having a child; she finally picked up that brush to do what she always wanted to do. And in 2021, gathered the courage and took the brave step in putting her artworks out to the world.

With her art, she hopes to share my vision of “perfectly imperfect” where those imperfections add to the painting’s uniqueness, making it a statement piece that you get to hang on your wall.

Parita’s works celebrates the raw and deliberate brush marks allowing one to fully appreciate the process and journey of the artwork. Some of the other “imperfections” that you may get to see in her artworks are dramatic and potent backgrounds, drips or splashes of paint, etc. showcasing the painterly quality and the handmade uniqueness of the artworks. Parita also loves the use of earthy-neutral colours and capturing the play of lights, shadows and perspective.