Emma McNamara

Emma’s work seeks to draw a line between the energetic feeling of being immersed in a landscape and it’s contemporary visual representation - which recalls the sensory experience through semi-abstraction, mark-making, nuanced colours and gestural brushstrokes.

Her work seeks to guide the observer to remember the interconnected relationship we all share with the living environment, on a sensory and physical level and features nuanced colours that capture an intimate observation of the world, lines that inform feeling and mark-making that captures the sensory vibration of place.

Emma McNamara is an emerging Australian artist living and working on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. She has a Bachelor of Design (Interior Design)(Hons) from The University of Technology, Sydney.

Her art practice has evolved from a lifetime of personal study into a solid artistic pursuit.

She continues to build on her foundation, pushing her work and her practice through painting expeditions, workshops and masterclasses.