Megan Cochran

Megan Cochran is an artist based in the sleepy coastal town of Pottsville, NSW, Australia. After practising in the field of architecture for over 10 years, Megan has returned to her true love of art. Though she has been painting since childhood, her architectural profession has led her to develop a unique abstract style expressing complex themes and a comprehensive understanding of space within the art and the space the art inhabits. Just up the road from Byron Bay, Cochran draws much inspiration from the pristine natural environment that this unique part of the world has to offer. Cochran’s style is fluid, textural and often portrays the dreamy and gentle rambling of nature through a neutral palette. Through the process of exploring the deep yet often overlooked themes of life, Cochran’s art evokes a sense of wonder, curiosity and reflection. With experience in large and small scale commissions, textile design for Australian fashion designers, brand collaboration and marketing, Cochran is passionate about pushing the boundaries of the way art can enhance people’s lives and businesses.
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