Kate Quinn

Kate Quinn is an artist based in Brisbane, she paints using oils on canvas from her home studio.

 Kate enjoys painting still life, featuring flowers, foliage, vases, vessels, ceramics and textiles, and she loves bold use of colour.

 Most of Kate’s pieces are bright, cheerful, and feature a combination of blues, greens and pinks. She is inspired by pretty flora, beautiful fabrics and interesting ceramics. Kate takes notice of small imperfections in floral arrangements, such as fallen petal, or drooping flower, and enjoys including them in her work.

Kate painted as a hobby until 2019, when she decided to focus more time and energy into her creative practice and turn it into a business. In early 2020 Kate won the ‘Jumbled Art Superstar Prize’, and she has recently exhibited in several group shows.

Kate is currently working on a large series of pieces for a solo exhibition which is being held at Wild Canary Art in August 2021.