Deborah McLennan

My name is Deborah. At my core I see the world, visible and invisible, through the lens of patterns. My art skills are intuitive and self-taught. This is a very natural familiar language for me. Despite this familiarity, I approach my art feeling I know little and will always be learning and honing this skill. That's not a negative for me. It excites me because of the possibilities it holds. My goal is to create not just a painting, but a painting with weight and salient presence.
I deeply resonate with the tension of yin yang patterns, the luminosity and vibration of colour and the construction of a painting that is a drawing, and yet not a drawing or a painting. I adore marks that are somewhat real and somewhat obscured and deep. My love of beauty is visceral.
My urge to create, even invent, throughout my life has always broken through the barriers of practicality. Painting has been a recent discovery for me but one that I quickly understood provided endless opportunities for exploration and growth.
Like my art, I'm a walking paradox...more is more (especially when it comes to patterns and colour) yet less is more also. Simplicity is key, yet not without depth and complexity. This perspective provides fodder for exploration and analysis.
The urge to explore different subject matter and it's potential means I seem to jump from one thing to another. However, recurrent themes include florals with an edge of wildness, homely interiors and kitchen clutter, mundane, even ugly distorted forms, obscured faces and the richness of cultural dress and objects. More recently I've felt a pull to paint outside, intrigued by the potential in simple local landscapes and the patterned suburban gardens around me. Welcome to my world!