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How Might We - Choose Art for the Heart

How Might We - Choose Art for the Heart

So dear reader, you have just repainted/renovated/bought/moved/grown up and have decided it is time to decorate with original art. But where to start? How do  you choose the "right" pieces and where do you go to buy? Dipping your toe into the art world can be quite overwhelming so we have compiled some of our top tips to hopefully make the process a little easier and a lot more fun.

1. Buying art is a little like going to the gym at 5am. The hardest part is getting out of bed. Okay, maybe this is not the best analogy but the hardest part about buying art is making the decision to buy art. From here, just like the gym, it is often best to start small. Choose something little that won't stretch your budget or require a specific space, just like this little stunner by Alexandra Strong.


2. Once you have decided to buy something it's time to decide where to buy it. Head to instagram and follow galleries and artists to get a feel for what you like and what is out there. Visiting Art Fairs and school shows are also a great way to see a wide range of art in the one place and begin to discover styles and artists that appeal to you. 

3. Choose what you love! We believe in choosing art to fill your heart not a space, which means buying what you love when you see it. It is great to have a space in mind that needs filling, but its also great not to be wholly focused on that. We recommend growing your collection organically, purchasing works as you see them and fall in love. How do you know if you love it? We will always tell you if unsure to walk away and, if you can't stop thinking about that particular piece, then return and buy as fast as you can.

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