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Interior Design

Interior design and art are natural companions, working together to create visually appealing and functional spaces. Principal designer Bec is well versed in the importance of art in interiors and, with her eye for detail combined with her passion for design, she is dedicated to transforming spaces into works of art in their own right.

Bec's training and expertise extends to residential and commercial spaces, making her the go-to designer for anyone looking to create something that is both beautiful and functional.

Head to our Interior Design Packages


Art Advisory

Do you need help with buying art, or do you want some more information about the art you already have.

If you're looking for guidance on purchasing art for your home or business, our art advisory service can help you find the perfect piece to suit your needs. We provide a comprehensive advisory service to help you make informed decisions about your
art purchases, from selecting the right artwork to understanding the market. We
can help you find artwork that will fit your budget and your style.


Leasing Art

The gallery motto "Art for the Heart", underpins TTG's belief in the benefits of original art in your space. Art is a mood enhancer, a conversation starter and a form of personality testing all rolled into one glorious package. It can set the tone of a space, changing from room to room as required. Get in touch to discuss our leasing packages.


Showcase your artwork in its best light by hanging it in your home or office with our professional art hanging service. Our experienced art installers take the hassle out of hanging your art, ensuring the perfect placement and alignment of each piece. With our art hanging service, you can trust that your artwork is in safe hands and will be expertly hung with care.

Art Shows

We normally aren't ones to skite, but we nail art shows. Literally.

From website building and marketing, to art selection and hanging, we are across it all.

Want some help with an upcoming show? Get in touch.