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November 2021 | Ingrid Haughton Exhibition | Momo

‘Momo’ translates to ‘plenty’ in Motu, a language spoken by the Motuans in Papua New Guinea.

My Granny and Grandfather built a life over in Papua New Guinea for twenty and thirty years respectively, and it’s where they raised my Mother and my Uncle.

Most of these pieces are derived directly from family photographs, many of which are tiny sepia prints out of Granny’s albums. They are incredibly special and this would not have been possible without the help and wonderful memories tightly held by my Grandmother, Elizabeth ‘Libby’ Cadden, my Mother, Linda Haughton, and my Uncle, Andrew Cadden.

 My family has been incredibly supportive of this journey and I thank them so much for allowing me to create this collection. 

 Along with these paintings are a few more pieces that have emerged out of my love of Africa and the bush, hence why ‘Momo’ feels right.

I will be donating $800 to The PNG Foundation at the completion of this exhibition.

Momo is a collection of pieces that will be available from 26 November 2021 at 5:30pm online or instore at The Toowoomba Gallery. 

All pieces can be viewed on our catalogue here and purchased here from 26 November. 

November 2021 | Ingrid Haughton Exhibition | Momo