Kate Pittas

Kate Pittas is a Brisbane based artist who paints contemporary Australian landscapes.

Having studied Fine Arts at university,  Kate taught Visual Arts in Sydney high schools  for almost 10 years. This gave her the opportunity to immerse herself further into art history and expand her knowledge of materials. After having children,  Kate decided to step away from teaching to focus on her art practice. She has now been painting full time for 6 years and hasn't looked back! 

Kate lives in a semi rural part of outer Brisbane.  The local bushland with all its creeks and tracks is a constant source of inspiration,  as are regions not far such as the Scenic Rim and Sunshine Coast Hinterland.  

The vast & changing Australian Bush landscape is a place where Kate feels connected to something greater than herself.  Kate's relationship with the bush is something she is constantly exploring in her practice. When she paints , she is not so concerned about depicting a tree or rock or any other feature, as one may see it, more as a gesture or expression of its role in the overall landscape. Having grown up with constant opportunities to be immersed in nature, Kate's appreciation for the land & it’s history is constantly evolving. From an romanticised child’s understanding to now, where she often battles regret and sadness relating to the destruction of both land & indigenous culture. Often,  a sense of nostalgia is present in Kate's work yet it doesn't shy away from depicting the harsh reality of the landscape either. 

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