Felicity Lea

I have always been a creative, always imagining and always dreaming.

My journey of creativity has taken me down many avenues of experimenting in fashion design, styling to finding a deep passion for event & floral design which led me to founding and creating the successful event design company Creating Beautiful. Now I find myself in a place finally able to re-indulge in a once loved passion that I had pushed aside for nearly 15 years.

With my art I play with exposing the dark, light and bright beauty of the female inner mind. The photography element of the floral forms act as my female muses. These beautiful ladies create a backbone of structure and strength throughout my pieces. Working with thick layered strokes, these aim to reflect the beauty and movement in my muse’s feelings and emotions.

 I have always been drawn to the natural beauty of flowers, the way they have such unique bends, curves, shapes and textures. Creating my own distinct mixed media style has been an ever-evolving romantic floral experiment. Taking more and more risks with every series I produce and challenging myself with having such a varied colour palette from one series to the other. Playing with different strokes, negative space and varied heights across the canvas which draws the viewer in to look closer, to want to touch the piece and to evoke an emotion that lingers on with them. I never rest on my laurels, so where to next with my female muses who knows, but one thing I'm certain of there will be texture, there will be colour and there will be curves.