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Claire Rackley

Claire Rackley is an Australian Artist and Abstract Acrylic Painter. Born in South Africa, Claire is drawn  to bold, contrasting and vibrant colours. Her art originally began after undergoing brain and spine  surgery in 2015 and intentionally provokes emotion through colour. Claire used art as therapy to heal  and recover after her trauma, but as time progressed people began to ask to purchase her artworks. 

She creates ceiling art, original art, wall murals and runs wellness art workshops. 

Claire has a Bachelor of Design and a Diploma in Education which has benefitted Claire in the area of  design and teaching. She has an interest in mental health and how colour can impact a person and their  emotions. The brain is a fascinating area of focus for Claire and she is using her art to research the  impact it can have on patients in hospitals through RBWH. Claire has created ceiling art for hospitals in Australia to bring peace, hope and if anything, a distraction to those in the waiting and recovery rooms. 

In everything that Claire does, she believes in the healing power of beautiful art and design. Her  artworks are layers, upon layers, upon layers of colour and joyful expression. Claire knows when her  artworks are complete when she looks at them and they have found their peace.

Claire Rackley