Casa Adams

Casa Adams Fine Wares is a small ceramics studio run by Araceli Adams in Sydney. Working with Australian porcelain, she makes all her pieces by hand and fires them onsite. 

In a nod to hand-coloured 18th century natural history copperplate engravings, Araceli monoprints her illustrations on to the clay pieces she makes. After a first firing in the kiln, she paints them with watercolour-like washes of underglaze. Each piece is then meticulously glazed and fired a second time, producing functional artworks that are equally at home in daily use or on the wall.

The studio’s designs are inspired by Australia’s rich biodiversity, with the aim to recreate the wonder and curiosity felt by botanists during the Age of Discovery. As the climate changes and more natural habitat is lost, Araceli hopes her works elicit the same wonder and joy so we may be more inclined to value and preserve what we have. 
With a strong sustainability ethos, Casa Adams contributes to Carbon Positive Australia by planting a native tree or shrub in Australia for each piece sold.